Bar Mate was completed on 01.03.13

Early Praise

In Bar Mate, Joseph Rakowski delivers a pub full of Falstaffs. He shows us our bent humanity and makes us love it. It’s a tremendous literary high.”       -Dennis Haritou, Three Guys One Book

“Flavored with hilarious hijinks and serious thought-provoking philosophies that can only originate from the mid-point through the bottom of a bottle of good whiskey, Joseph Rakowski’s BAR MATE delivers big time. The minor miracle in the writing is with Rakowski’s delivery of the cast of characters with grace, humor, and immense doses of humanity—where many lesser writers have attempted swims in similar waters, but found themselves drowning in cliché and caricature.” –Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce

“Uniquely evocative of Bukowski, Hemingway, and Thompson…Joseph Rakowski goads the reader to drink his intoxicating blend of words, distilled to perfection and indelibly served within the pages of Bar Mate.” –Phil Brody, author of The Holden Age of Hollywood [Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction 2013 IPPY Awards]